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We released our first full-length CD in June, 2008. This 10-song set features some of our older tracks as well as a bunch of new songs, some songs that we never even played live. The album was recorded in the summer of 2006 at various studios around Southern California. It took nearly four months to record, considering we had to work around the schedules of studio owners and each other. It was mixed and mastered in early 2008. We're really proud of how it turned out, especially considering how much time and effort we put into it.

There are MP3 versions of three of the songs for download. Just click the links in the track list below. The album artwork is also below, and you can click those for bigger images as well.

Lowtide CD  Lowtide CD

Track List:

1. Left For Dead (3.11)
2. Fade Away (2.16)
3. Sticky Buns (2.58)
4. Recoil (4.06)
5. Back Hand (2.49)
6. Run From You (3.32)
7. High Water (2.56)
8. Why? (3.01)
9. Deaf & Blind (3.40)
10. Take You Down (2.57)

All Songs Music/Lyrics: Mancini/Norton
Except "Back Hand" - Music/Lyrics: Hamaker
Copyright © 2008 Lowtide Music

If you wish to purchase our album, you can online through PayPal for $8 by clicking the button below. All CD's come with a case and the artwork inserts. The price includes shipping anywhere in the continental United States. If you are overseas, please use the "Contact Us" link to e-mail us and we can give you the cost to ship it to you. If you don't wish to use PayPal, please e-mail us and we can give you an address you can send a check to. Thank you for your support!


We're going to hopefully have some better video stuff to put up in the future, but right now at least there's something that isn't 10 years old! Keep checking back, we'll have some other stuff soon.

"Left For Dead (partial) - Live at Famous Sports Bar - 11.13.09

"Kryptonite" (3 Doors Down cover) - Live at Famous Sports Bar - 11.13.09

"Why?" & "Weathered King" - Live at Crane's - 03.13.09

"Left For Dead" - CD Video Montage

"Run From You" - Live at Rembrandt's - 08.24.08

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