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This is a list of all of our original songs with links to their lyrics.

Warning: Some lyrics may contain objectionable material. So if you are offended by certain four-letter words, hide your eyes.

Lowtide CD

Track List:

1. Left For Dead (3.11)
2. Fade Away (2.16)
3. Sticky Buns (2.58)
4. Recoil (4.06)
5. Back Hand (2.49)
6. Run From You (3.32)
7. High Water (2.56)
8. Why? (3.01)
9. Deaf & Blind (3.40)
10. Take You Down (2.57)

All Songs Music/Lyrics: Mancini/Norton
Except "Back Hand" - Music/Lyrics: Hamaker
Copyright 2008 Lowtide Music


1. All F*cked Up
2. I Don't Know
3. Little Strummer
4. Reject
5. Take What's Mine
6. Talkin' To Me
7. Walk Alone
8. Weathered King
9. Woodstock

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